Marcel Kaczmarek
Graphic Designer
b.1987, Poland
gmail - t
Hi, I am a Graphic Designer working with visual and content-specific mediums within Art and Culture sector. Graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam and moved to London where I am currently living and working.

Online work journal running on Cargo CMS.

The Walls Are Melting is a short visual story of what happens in front
of our eyes seconds before fainting conveyed into a small booklet.

Interactive web project and communication design for polish artist Agnieszka Lasota and her installation dealing with
emotion circulation. Exhibition took place in Charim Events gallery in Vienna between 13.03.14 and 21.03.14.

Group exhibition dealing with participatory art designed together with artist Agnieszka Lasota at Łódź Design Festival.
Whole graphic concept was based on attendance sheets glued to school-like desks with built-in displays.

Digital repository of conceptual polish art from 1950 – 1980 for Arton Foundation.

Visual communication and identity design for Arton Foundation.

Vinyl labels for Ramp Recordings.
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